• Pearl Peonies

    The number 1 wedding flower in the world

Pearl Peonies

With it’s vibrant colors and sweet scent , the Peony might very well be the number 1 wedding flower in the world.  That said, it just might also be the most challenging. 

‘Parel Pioenen’ a.k.a. ‘Pearl Peonies’ is the latest brand in European Peonies. Because Parel has access to farms all over Europe, it can stretch the season like no other.
Starting with Italian and French production in April, finishing with Northern Holland and Poland in June, even July. All depending on Mother Nature of course.

All Peonies are checked, graded and packed  in custom boxes in Holland and can be re-bunched and labeled for Mass Market orders. All Peonies are pre-cooled before re-shipping to ensure freshness upon arrival. Any Port Of Entry is possible , any part of the world.

Parel Pioenen stands out in constistancy from the first to the last day of the season. Guaranteed headsizes and stem lenghts and acces to all available varieties in Europe.


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